she was always counting

She was always counting.

Counting her steps,  walking away from the corner that night, she prayed that he would find it. Earplugs drown out the white knatter of the city folk on Friday nightshe listens, instead, to the street-man play saxophone. Looking to the red lace of her boots, she counts her steps. 1, clunk, 2, clunk, 3, clunk.

Counting her breaths, she pictures him standing in the doorway and watching the rain run through the streets. A river marked with the pungent air of shit and piss, of blood and drugs. It was in that doorway of her mind that she saw the tall shadow.

He had intrigued her from the very beginning. The way he stood under the eve that night, behind a veil of rain. There was something about him. Something that tugged at her from the inside out. He knew the human predicament. It showed in his art. It was dark. And real. Ethereal. It was putrid and vile and unstable. she loved him for it. 




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