what there is to assume- color and form –
shades of a lesser “being”  infractions and
being born a crime.
conception; admitted but not remembered
she says with a smirk.
and you smile, then frown.
because you remember when the
whole sky was dis-membered , putrid aggregates of stellar
the sky had fallen away with you in it.
you landed in a peninsula of gas , all reduced to the fleck of spit                                                       flammable and handheld was the tobacco of oil workers                                                                      here in the arid, barren wasteland                                                                                                              interconnected with life and corporations                                                                                                until the two cannot be told apart                                                                                                                companies with the middle name : corrupt
truants lay naked, tossed face down on the ice
they, too, thought tomorrow  someone else’s
death day.
you are left with dark deposits where recollection pales

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