illusion or delusion; she does not know.

Understand that anyone can die at any time in any place. Our sense of concreteness of the life situation, of the solidarity of the waking world of the five senses and their objects, is a complete error. Nothing that we think we are, do, feel, or have has any essence, substance, stability or solidity. All the somethings in and around us with which we preoccupy ourselves from morning to night are potentially nothing to us. If we died, they would dissolve in our tightest grasp, forgotten if they were lost in our mind, lost is they were in our hand, faded into blank numbness if they were our mind and body.  Surprisingly, once we become accustomed to the omnipresent possibility of death in life, we feel greatly liberated. We realize we are essentially free at all times in all situations. We realize that the compulsion is only based on the illusion of substantial continuation, educing substance, binding essence.  This sense of the immediacy of freedom is exhilarating.


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