today it’s gonna be different

But today it’s gonna be different
I wont go out and shoot anyone.
what a kiss can do,
melt your heart in two.
“love you, Valentine”
The world is such a crazy place
one day it’s indigo
the next it’s turpentine.
I hate crowds especially.
hot days make me angry.
where I went wrong was loving
You and only You, Angel-Face,
only a pistol can take your place.
manifest destiny in a stolen car
side by side cruising to heaven
could it be love at last flight?
stepping on the gasoline
until death do her part
Twisted metal grip
Bust of clutch and throttle
Grip that, baby.
Aluminun glows in mechanical colour
Tears, or a violin- and  her mind asks
What am i going to say to the One?
Oh, the afterglow of Eternal rest!
Eyes wide open
And a bullet lodges so easily a clean sweep
Silver Dodge, dies again.
And so, tumbling if just to touch
the one and only You, Chrome You
Angel-Face, oh Angel-Face.
Long-lived and grass stained, dirt stained
Sometimes you smell of rain
or wind.
folds up and over the horizon
a sailing away.
glancing a last like a mist
the holy intangible way it Should
Be and Never More.
sweet sanction.jpg

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