the night as it was


i was mad at myself for not bringing the camera that would take this picture and put it into something that could be transferred between people, from I to You. not wholly, but marginally and fractionally and seen through a screen that reaches eyes through the transfer of energy that is the basis of light. it would reach your eyes in pixels. you would not know exactly what the image was but only factionally; marginally.
you would not know that the light on the side of that building was moonlight, and you would not know that that crosswind through the train track was in fact frigid and brisk. you would not know the chain link fences scaled, and quite frankly it doesn’t matter, anyways. you weren’t there and the image was never taken. 
but i remember it, so far. it is engrained in my mind, for how long, im not sure. sometimes at night they come back to me. scenes i had thought forgotten,  whose existences i wake to question. long forgotten. soon time crumples and everything is just a memory.

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