mildly (un)interesting: non-electrical GSXR fuel injection problem

I bought the new one in September. The days were clear and enjoyable for approximately a month before the rains came. Of course, I still rode the gsxr everywhere I needed to go. I started her up one rainy afternoon and instead of idling like normal, the bike turned over and then died. After this, she would not turn over until I got the RPMs up to about 10,000 and maintained them at at a high rate. Once we left the driveway sounding like a real screaming asshole, the bike would ride like normal. The problem persisted, and sometimes the red FI light would show, with the bike acting real  jumpy until it was turned off and restarted. I was told that electrical problems are especially prevalent on Suzukis and that it could be numerous fuel injection problems. Closer inspection of the gas-cap showed that the rim was unevenly set on that tank. Plus, the fact that the bike would start better when shaken from side-to-side led me to believe that this was rainy-day water in the tank. So, I used frog tape.
gsxr fuel injection problem
And the bike turns over every time. Someday the problem will be legitimately fixed, but until then I will seal her with frog tape. It may be a bitch when it comes to fuelling, or when I forget to tape. But there is something about the externally-janky look that I like. As long as the insides work, it’s all good. 
gsxr fuel injection problem
Here, an article on the fundamentals of gasoline as they relate to classic cars and motorcycles alike.


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