Montaigne: there is no place on Earth where death cannot find us

“There is no place on earth where death cannot find us—even if we constantly twist our heads about in all directions as in a dubious and suspect land… If there were any way of sheltering from death’s blows— I am not the man to recoil from it… But it is madness to think that you can succeed…

Men come and they go and they trot and they dance, and never a word about death. All well and good. Yet when death does come—to them, their wives, their children, their friends—catching them unawares and unprepared, then what storms of passion overwhelm them, what cries, what fury, what despair!…

To begin depriving death of its greatest advantage over us, let us adopt a way clean contrary to that common one; let us deprive death of its strangeness, let us frequent it, let us get used to it; let us have nothing more often in mind than death…

We do not know where death awaits us: so let us wait for it everywhere. To practice death is to practice freedom. A man who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave.”

Michel de Montaigne



8 thoughts on “Montaigne: there is no place on Earth where death cannot find us

    1. the fact that death is all-prevalent makes it impossible to escape at any moment. so like any other fundamental aspect of life, i suppose it is best to a knowledge it not as something to fear but something mysterious to make peace with. I myself find it fascinating. death as suffering, or death as an end to suffering?

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  1. i value philosophies that teach of death as something not to fear. that being said, I’m not immune to that same anxiety… so often there is guilt when somebody close dies… all the times we could have been better when we weren’t, or all the pain they’d themslves feel if something adverse happened to us. so, I suppose the point being to use this time wisely. be good and go see the world. it itself may not last forever.


  2. Pity your background for the text is black, so that we first have to select it before we can read it. Why do you not write in white when you like to use the black background?


      1. Nice you taking the remark in mind. Thanks. Hopefully you’ll catch more readers so, them not making such an effort before they can read something other than the commentaries (because they show up nicely and clear.)


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