sharing the love: blogger recognition award


Feeling quite splendid that The Jaguar recognized me in this blogger recognition award. It is only fair to pass it on. The rules are:

  1. Show your gratitude to the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog. The Jaguar
  2. Give a brief story on your blog. I started this blog in the spring of 2016, after cleansing myself of lesser forms of social media- that is, Facebook, Instagram and other brain-eating apps. I’d wanted to consolidate my art, writings, photographs and other things of interest onto one form, so I chose WordPress. I liked the certain anonymity of WordPress that Facebook did not offer. In fact, I full-well believe that Facebook is one of the greater garbages of the world. Everything posted on Facebook becomes the immortal property of Facebook itself. This fact was concreted while I was attending a Bear Aware course, upon which the class watched a news story of a girl that had been mauled and killed by a grizzly bear. The featured photo of this woman was sold by Facebook and showed the girl posing with a box of Cheerios. I decided that Facebook was significantly heartless and I banished it from there-on-in. Later that year I was charged by an adult black bear while working in forestry and was immensely thankful not to suffer the same fate as the woman-killed-by-bear-and-later-sold-by-Facebook.
  3. Share two or more pieces of advice for beginner bloggers. Write about ‘yer passion. Add photos, perhaps. Be unique, perhaps. Edit for grammar, perhaps, for this will maintain the focus of the audience.
  4. Nominate 10 other bloggers. (This is not an any particular order on my part)
    1. Prison Photography
    2. Brokedown Pamphlet
    3. Tea & Bannock
    4. The Uneven Route
    5. Short Girl on a Motorcycle
    6. Frogstomp
    7. Jesse Lee’s Open Road Experience
    8. Moto Adventurer
    9. I Just Want 2 Ride
  5. Comment on each blog by letting them know they’ve been nominated and provide a link back to your award post.


Thank you.

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