Motorcycle Crush: Honda NT 650 Hawk

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Honda NT 650 Hawk– First saw this bike in Motorcycle Classics, and damn, I thought, that’s a sexy bike.

Built from 1988-1991, the Honda NT 650 Hawk was the second Honda to feature a single-sided swingarm (after the 1987 design of the VFR750R/RC30 ), as well as featuring an aluminum twin-spar perimeter frame to house the liquid-cooled V-Twin engine (of  three valves per cylinder!). Apparently, the Honda Hawk is a cult classic, and, apparently, I am too young to know that- afterall, production ceased before I was born. The Honda Hawk came, too, before the Ducati Monster (..meh), the Ducati Hypermotard (.. kinda cool), and the Suzuki SV 650 (dual sided-swing arm).

According to Craig Erion, a road racer who discovered the Hawk in 1988 after an image of the bike caught his eye- the new Honda was unlike any Honda before; a sporty, intriguing, V-Twin.

Craig Erion, Hawk
Craig Erion and his 1989 Hawk GT

Erion acquired a new Hawk and quickly took to the racetrack. “At the time Ducatis were race replicas with headlights and turn signals; the Hawk didn’t even have a fairing,” Erion said. “The Hawk was an underdog, and it kept you from being just another guy on a Ducati.”

Kevin Erion's Hawk.jpg
“This might just be the most famous Hawk GT – the one that started it all. This is the Two Brothers Racing Hawk Kevin Erion won the AMA’s ProTwins Modified class title on in 1989. It has been featured in motorcycle magazines around the world and I believe one reason there are so many race Hawks today.”  Hawkland

Well, that about sums it up for my regurgitation of the Honda Hawk. A cult classic, and a rad one at that.  



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