of the last frontier, 2018.

of the last frontier, 2018.                                                                                                      make an offer

“For the people that want to drill on Beaufort Sea, Mr. Berger, I want you to take note of this. I spent a lot of time with my father – he is 74 years old – and his cousin, Phillip Nuviak, who is 84 years old…. They tell me in their stories that the old- timers, their great-grandfathers, would tell them that one day, if the ocean, the Beaufort Sea ever loses its fish and wildlife, the whales, the fishes, the seals, the polar bears, if the Beaufort Sea will lose that the natives – the Eskimos – will have very little chance to survive. They said the main source of food comes from the ocean and they always tell us to respect the whole Beaufort Sea. So we have been trying all these years to protect the whole Beaufort Sea, and also the animals on the land, respect the land and the animals, not to overkill them. Now, Mr. Berger, it seems like this is the end of a lot of food for us. If they ever drill in the Beaufort Sea, if they ever have an accident, nobody really knows how much damage it will make on the Beaufort Sea. Nobody really knows how many fish it will kill, or whales, polar bears, the little whales and the bowheads.These people that did research on the Beaufort Sea will never be able to answer these things. When will the fish and the whales come back? They got no answer, and yet they want to go ahead and drill on the Beaufort Sea. It’s the Eskimos that will pay for any damage, any oil spills, any damage to wildlife, it will be us that will be paying for it the rest of our lives. God knows if the fish and the whales will ever come back. We don’t know.Mr. Berger, I hope you take note of this and it’s unfair to us because there’s very little research done on the Beaufort Sea. Two years of research and they feel they have enough information to give a permit to go out and drill. That’s not true because we lived here millions of years, and we know in two years they cannot get all the answers to what they are trying to achieve.”

Sam Raddi, President of the Committee for Original Peoples Entitlement; a dialogue with Mr. Thomas R. Berger in Inuvik. Published in Norther Frontier, Northern Homeland-Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, 1977.

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