a note on Moto Guzzis and “Plastic Maggots”, as sent to me by my uncle.

I sent my uncle in Australia the piece I had done on Harold and Maude, taken from the scene in which they are pulled over and steal the bike from the officer. The motorcycle they are riding is a 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador.

Harold and Maude car chase

I asked which bike he thought it was and this was his answer: 

“Yes, I like the image you’ve attached.  It’s a good one.   The bike is easy to ID, … it’s a Moto-Guzzi, probably an 850 Eldorado.  Not many examples of transverse V-twins, other than Guzzis, barring Honda’s CX500 which looked like an air compressor, and which in Australia is still referred to as the “Plastic Maggot”.  Old Guzzis have such class.  I almost bought one, a 1975 750 Ambassador, but your Auntie thought it was hideously ugly.   I liked it and thought it handsome but in a kind of homely way.  The real reason that I didn’t buy it though is that with motorbikes my appetite is bigger than my capacity to ride them and to work on them all, not to mention bigger than my workshop space, and I’ve got to try to be reasonable.”

I thought his answer was funny. I had to see for myself what a Honda CX500 looks like, and I apologize if you own one. While it may not be the prettiest thing, a bike is a bike. I’ve always liked the gutless ones myself. 

1980 CX500


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