what once was and never shall be again; Friday nights in Fort St. John


these nights; they never get dark. she wanders around. across the street and to the graveyard. over the fence. an empty lot. through the tall grass and to the park. there are raspberries at the park. she sits on a stair and writes a letter. she is in Fort. St. John. It is summer and here it never gets dark.

There is dog. She named him King. Every evening on her walk to the grocery store, she goes through King’s alleyway and whistles. Nobody ever sees them together. She wants to take him home. The last time she saw King she cried, but he didn’t let tears fall.

Later, down south, she dreams of King, back alleyways, and an endless, eternal sky. She wonders about every bad decision she has made and if this was one of them.






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