Jim Robb; a most beloved artist

I was blessed today to sit down with Jim Robb, Yukon’s beloved artist. I found out about Jim a mere two weeks ago, when I had sat down at a cafe and began eavesdropping on the conversation beside me. I asked the two men if they would be interested in storytelling on tape, a feat they didn’t think themselves worthy of. So they told me of Jim Robb. They told me to keep an eye out for him at this coffee shop, along with Jim’s favourite pub- The Gold Pan. I searched Jim’s image and kept an eye out. Once I introduced myself to the wrong man. But when I did see him, it was obvious. So, as arranged, Jim and I sat down for a long talk today, for which I am grateful. He gave me his calendar, and here I share some snapshots with you:

Nancy Wood
Nancy Wood “Beautiful Nancy looks like a unique western queen in this setting. She truly shines.”
Billy Silverfox
Billy Silverfox “Billy is showing a gopher snare made from an eagle feather’s spine, and strips of caribou and moosehide- an innovation First Nations people had used for a thousand years. The Silverfox family showed talent in many creative ways and were a great help to me.”
Joe + Annie Henry
“The late Joe + Annie Henry were much loved by everybody. In the summer they used to spend some time at Moosehide Village. In the winter they spent a lot of time in their cabin on the Dempster Highway.”

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