Indians-and-whites, Fort Resolution.

indians-and-whites, 2018.

indians-and-whites, 2018.
“Indians and whites in Fort Resolution”. date unknown.

“In the aftermath of the Northwest Rebellion of 1885, many Metis moved North and settled in what is now the Northwest Territories.Other Metis are the descendants of unions between Hudson’s Bay Company men mainly of Scottish origin – and Dene women. The children of these unions usually intermarried with the original Dene inhabitants, so that in most native communities in the North there are close family ties between the Metis and the Dene. The Metis culture has been patterned after that of the Dene. In Our Metis Heritage … A Portrayal, produced by the Metis Association of the Northwest Territories, we are given this account of the location of the Metis between the Dene and white worlds:

For most Metis families in the present Northwest Territories, it would appear that the woman passed on to her children all that she knew of her own culture, which was the Indian culture, and the man’s influence though significant, played a secondary role in the emergent Metis way of life. This may account in part for the fact that the Metis lifestyle was very closely patterned after the Indian.

The Metis were equipped with survival mechanisms to operate in both worlds; they could hunt, trap and live off the land like their Indian ancestors, or they could take advantage of their white ancestors’ technology through education.”

Northern Frontier, Northern Pipeline: The Report of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry

Thomas R. Berger, 1977

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