polar dreams


that evening of opal skies;
Where softly swings
The music of a thousand wings
To almost tones to sadness.
So here is the undertone;
The beauty, strength, and power of the land. This that will never stir or bend at my command;
And it is mine alone,
O! pathless world of seeming!
O! pathless life of mine whose deep ideal Is more my own than ever was the real. For others fame
And Love’s red flame,
And yellow gold; I only claim
The shadows and the dreaming.

flint and feather, E. Pauline Johnson

8 thoughts on “polar dreams

      1. Oh I see you filling, canvases so many, and look how you carve the paints, on the canvas, only to look so beautiful, for you my love, smiled and Oh just how beautiful, it really is? For you, paint so beautiful, but my favorite, will always be the in which these twinkling starts, will paint you smiling.


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