The Flower Series: tribute to my friend David

For David

The Flower Series is an ongoing body of work paying tribute to the certain late I have felt connection to.

For David is a memorial for my friend and coworker David Perrin who never made it to work on the morning of February 22nd, 2017. David was Vancouver’s first motor vehicle casualty of 2017, a fact which holds little relevance in the grand schemes of life and death, pain and loss. The deeply personal truth is that I dreamt of David the night before. I dreamt of him, and rusty choppers, and shooting stars. When I woke, it was midnight… I arrived at work that morning, and the dream was so vivid, I wrote it down. I missed his familiar footsteps in the warehouse that morning. Mere hours later, the phone call came. 

After his passing, I was blessed to hold the hands of his parents as they came to visit the warehouse where he had worked. In looking into their eyes, I saw him. And I saw, too, the unfathomable pain of parents who had lost their son.  I like to pay homage to David in leaving flowers there on a certain streetlamp on a that certain busy corner. The flowers do not last long before wilting, yet, I find certain beauty in the dried flowers as I sometimes bring them home, or as I sometimes pass by them on my motorbike at that certain intersection. I wish only for people to pause and remember that life is fleeting- it is so very short, and yet, it has the potential to be so, very, epically beautiful, should we chose it to be. 



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