when strangers are friends.

Those sunny days. Your $450 truck is a pigheaded nightmare. She makes you late for your second day on the job. (But she takes you to an appointment!) and promptly dies at Superstore parking lot (the cow! you weren’t even shopping there!) Strangers push you off the main drag. (The sky is really blue!) The smoking men give you a jump that doesn’t work, and drive you to the place you work to get a jump-kit. The truck works. You drive with the hood open to the shop ( there is a shop at the place you work!) The shop-man that you just met yesterday gives you a new battery. You drive home, barely making it up the hill. But you make it home!
You are smiling because strangers are really friends.

You are laughing when you decide that this truck is probably a very good lesson in life. 

backyard battery

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