from Dharma Smith, friend (2016)

I was thinking earlier how lucky we are to live on our beautiful earth. The speed which the earth spins and also rotates around the sun are relevant to a human lifespan. We can experience many of them throughout our lifetimes. Not too many that things lose significance. Not too many to where days come and go so quickly that we are not governed by these natural rotations the way we are here on earth. The night and day, light and dark, changing of seasons and the ebbing of tides, the earth’s wobble on its axis. They occur at such a speed so that we are bound to these forces. We also don’t only see one spin of the earth in our whole lives, for example. That would be dismal and different from Earth. Although side note the fact that the earth spins perfectly at the speed that it does, and that the moons gravity stabilizes our wobble just enough , is what made the conditions of the earth what they are, made life on earth possible and then also created the perfect environment for such rapid evolution. But yes. We are fortunate to live on beautiful earth, where can experience many Astral comings and going within our lifetimes, we get to see many nights and days, feel all the forced of all the different configurations of stars and planets that we do. Wouldn’t have it any other way, would you? God I’m stoned. And sentimental.

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