13th birthday (of the dog)

i had picked her out of a sea of jack russels and couldnt put her down; it was my birthday. on the ride to the bank to get the rest of the cash she peed on me. Mom was working on the L Word at the time; i said: her name has to be an L Word. as a puppy she liked blueberries. Once i cut large chunks of hair from her back to put in my scrapbook; looked like she had bad mange, or was used as an ashtray. One night past midnight the ’65 Volvo ran out of gas on the highway. It was cold, i wrapped her in my tshirt. Ma, the dog and i hitchhiked to the gas station.
today is Her 13th birthday. She is going blind and going deaf; old in dog years; young at heart. I love her to bits, She is mine and I am Hers, and yes, life is Beautiful; fleeting.

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