we were walking down the sidewalk (a story from a friend)

things we learn
we were walking down the sidewalk; there was a crow attacking a bird; the bird fell to the ground and didnt get back up. Houston had asked me if i saw the crow take out the bird, i jogged towards the bird to see if it was alright, it was still, its little chest rising and falling rapidly. It seemed to have broken its neck. I picked it up, its tiny beady eyes looking up at me in terror. I didnt want it to die on the sidewalk. He told me not to pick it up, but i did. I started to walk with it for a bit not really knowing what to do, friends were telling me to leave it alone and drop it. We were right by an estuary by the lake. I found a grassy bank beside the estuary channel where I gently placed the bird on the ground. It was soft, taupey grey feathers, little darker spots, yellow beak, a longer beak. I thought the bird would be more peaceful there than the sidewalk. I told it om mani padme hung. I learned in Buddhist teachings that one of the most important times of your life is when you die. It is important that someone is in a peaceful setting when they die. Nothing too loud, no danger around. I left the bird there, one in a while it would chirp. On the way back from the beach, a couple hours later, I checked on the bird. It had flies on it,  it was gone.

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