beach; together

we were together again, bystanders in the ether; oh the sea’s tormented wave and the End, the End remains unchanged. a single, pointless dot… well, maybe; perhaps. symbols of salt, morning dew steadily embracing thee, eyes and ruptures of sand, winds of sage; the passing sky: blood, seams, genetic codes, fistulas, nightsky, unseemly spaces. when did we lose our wings? when did the unconsciousness take us from the seashore? why do we never remember what was meant by forever? for whatever it will be again is Never. dust in piles of the year, gone; oh, the fading out; many longings, painterly kisses sealed amongst mice, ants. and late afternoons with deep pink moons- and clothes, her clothes smell of sage, wild rosemary, woebegone woebegone woebegone- beach curls, summer breeze. New places; nights; together, again.

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