i love her to bits; maybe she is a keeper

gsxr babeI’ve been through three bikes in less than two years; this one, well, she is growing on me. I think she is a keeper, now that we’ve been places. I got her in September when I was sad, and so, it can be said, that I rode her through many boughs of tears, rode her through the sorrow and into the mountains whenever possible- which was, at best, once a week in the wintertime. 
and i missed her when I was away, far far away- in the lost land of snow and ice and everything frigid. I missed her; dreamt about her- riding her in the snow and ice.
and, well, I didn’t love her in the same way I did my last bike. something was different… but now, now she’s mine. 
and, okay, she gave me trouble in Washington- cost me $900 USD and 5, 6 days time. but i got her back, and was ecstatic at that.
she was my first crash; coming around a corner, leant too far, lost traction, spun- out.  graceful and smooth it was- I watched her do a few spins, like a whirling dervish-, after which I, knock-kneed and shaking, picked her up, got back on. 
Yes, I am learning to ride on this bike, really ride. Scraping pegs, almost knees. We ride. Vast canyons. vast canyons. vast canyons.
rinse. repeat. 
i love her.


there she is

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