today’s 692 kilometers; Ventura County to San Fran


leaving the ranch
leaving the ranch; 6 30 am light

Highway 1 at San Louis Obispo opened yesterday, after 14 months of closure. Good timing, I’d say. The coast was Beautiful, stunning (slightly busy, with it being a Friday). In all honesty, too fatigued to do justice in recalling the day, so I will leave you with this: the coast on a motorbike is stunning, and travelling solo makes it all the more powerful for the very reason that one’s senses are heightened, aware only of themselves, the surroundings, and the vehicle that feels more like a partner than a vehicle.

Half Moon Bay

Now, now we are in San Francisco. We were here quite precisely 4 weeks ago, save for the fact that the first time was a Friday morning at 6 30 am, and today, today it was Friday evening at 6 30 pm. The hills and the haze that surrounds them allows for an ephemeral, dreamlike feel. I go through the city on the 101 and think, quite exactly, that I could have easily been born here, instead of Vancouver. Something about it here feels, oddly, me.. it is the haze, I think. The haze and the fog and everything else, heeds way to some nostalgia, for me.

San Francisco

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