from ‘The Teacher’

A strange fog had settled into the night and into the city that night. “They say the city never sleeps, but it does.” The man removed his hood and when he did she saw his dark eyes and the reflection of the streetlights from her own eyes, staring back at her.
They sat on the steps of a building and he told her of history. He told her of the sculptures he had seen in Rome and in Paris. He told her about Bernini and how, at the age of 23, he completed The Rape of Proserpina; a marble statue that depicts Pluto taking the Proserpina to the underworld.
From one angle to the side the sculpture was that of two lovers; flesh of the woman’s waist yielding to lustful hands- so pure and fine, cut in stone. Was it truth of perspective or perception of deception?

an excerpt from The Teacher.