6 thoughts on “of the Woolsey Fire

    1. Yes, it is crazy to watch the map of the fire as it surrounds the ranch but remains on the other side of the ridge. I can’t help but wonder if the horses I was working with went to the beach or went further away to someplace else. There were major fires in the town I was in in 2017, the evacuation remained in place for four weeks. Only one home burned down despite the size of the fire; I suppose one main difference in the interior of British Columbia is the population density- I believe it was mostly crown timber that was lost, not homes or people. Still everything was chaos and people went great distances away for that month

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      1. There were lots of fires close to me when I was living in northern California, but nothing like what’s occurring right now. The scariest thing is that with climate change, the fires we’re seeing now are just the beginning.

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      2. Yes, the photos I am seeing are shocking and felt with great reverence. In watching the map I see that the place I called home for four weeks is now in the red. I remember we spent one weekend clearing brush and potential fire fuel. It was their annual brush clean, a big dusty event. Whether in vain or not, I’m not yet sure. I wonder what it is they are seeing, for I heard that some chose to stay behind. Fires so large that fighting seems so very futile. I suppose it is all we can ever try to do.

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      3. A speaker was invited to my university last year, and he basically said that all of our efforts to reduce fire intensity (brush cleaning, prescribed burns, etc.) are going to be meaningless in the face of run-away climate change. No one wanted to hear it. Now, however, it seems he might’ve been right. But we can’t just do nothing.

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      4. Yes, seeing the sheer velocity of these fires it seems he might be right. given the extent of the fire i don’t think our brush clearing weekend would have done much good, but one never knows. with fire the smallest acts can make all the difference. thanks for sharing the insight from this lecture, neat to hear it. something i will think about.

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