Chief-Housing-Tenement-for-the-Poor, 2015.

Chief-Housing-Tenement-for-the-Poor, 2015.
The Gang Series

“‘I thought I was pretty tough then. I smoked, shot with a revolver, and fought. When we had our gang fights we would make up a lot of stuff about armies. Most of the kids would stay away. We were interested in a lot of things beside fighting.’
The social settlement whose corner was the favorite rendezvous of the gang was a frequent object of vandalism. During one whole summer the chief interest of the gang seemed to be breaking windows. They would also break locks and damage property on every occasion. As a result, the equipment of the gang was usually in very dilapidated condition.  The boys would indulge in perfect orgies of rough housing, in which all the furniture, especially boxing gloves and pool cues, figured. On one occasion when one of the boys found that the cards with which they were playing belonged to the settlement, he started to burn them one by one in a little bonfire of matches which he had made on the sidewalk.”
Excerpt from Frederic M. Thrasher’s 1927 publication of The Gang: A Study of 1,313 Gangs in Chicago

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