Enterprise Nights (Looking-Over-Sundays), 2016


Enterprise Nights (Looking-Over-Sundays), 2016.
The Gang Series



“Visions of treasure islands, Spanish galleons, and pieces of eight flitted forever for ten young freebooters last night when two policeman lodged them in the juvenile detention home. The leader of the gang, who is only fifteen, had found a cave in the river bank near Racine Avenue, organized his band, and started out to fly the Jolly Roger against the walled cities along the drainage canal. Cutlasses and marlin spikes were needed, not to mention a revolver or two, so the boy looted an army and navy goods store in the vicinity Sunday night. Monday night they stocked up with ice-cream cones and caries from a convenient confectionery. They devoted Memorial Day to plundering a grocery.  All they lacked was the pirate ship.They were to have seized that last night. “And at the rate they were going,” said one of the coppers, “they would have had a whole fleet before the end of the week.”¹

¹News item.

Excerpt from Frederic M. Thrasher’s 1927 publication of The Gang: A Study of 1,313 Gangs in Chicago


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