Junior Vice Kings, 2019

Junior Vice Kings

The Gang Series



“Gambling was observed in over 25 percent of the poolrooms visited. Poker, dice, gambling wheels, baseball pools, and betting on billiard games were the favourite forms. On Twenty-second Street in the old vice district, twelve minors under eighteen years of age were illegally present in a poolroom where gambling went on in connection with the games. In a hall on Sixty-third Street, six minors were seen manipulating a gambling-machine, at which they lost several dollars. This establishment was also a polling place, and voting-booths had been deposited for an election. In nineteen halls immoral and disorderly conduct was noted. On the West Side, acts of perversion were suggested to the investigators by a young boy. On the South Side, overt immoral conduct by the proprietor and a woman was witnessed. In scores of places, indecent verses appeared on the walls and show cases. The language of patrons was frequently obscene and profane. Liquor was illegally sold in four halls. In two place whiskey was purchased, while in the other two, bottled beer, on which appeared the original labels, was sold.”

Excerpt from Frederic M. Thrasher’s 1927 publication of The Gang: A Study of 1,313 Gangs in Chicago

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