family value

family value, 2017

Family Value, 2017

“I’m a young native Indian. I’ve got an education. I thought if I got this education, then I would be able to do something for them.

I come back and I find that people don’t accept me as I am…. They really can’t accept me as I am because they either can’t accept the changes I went through or it’s something else. I can’t understand what it is. So I’m not really accepted back into the culture, mainly because I lost the knowledge of it … and I can’t really get into the white society because I’m the wrong colour. Like, there’s very, very few white people that will be friends with native people. Any of these white people that are friends with native people, it’s like a pearl in a pile of gravel. For myself, I find it very hard to identify with anybody because I have nobody to turn to. My people don’t accept me any more because I got an education, and the white people won’t accept me because I’m not the right colour. So like, a lot of people keep saying, “O.K. we’ve got to edu- cate these young native people, so that they can become something.” But what good is it if the person has no identity? … I can’t really identify with anybody and I’m lost. I’m just sort of a person hanging in the middle of two cultures and doesn’t know which way to go.”

Roy Fabian of Hay River

Northern Frontier, Northern Pipeline: The Report of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry

Thomas R. Berger, 1977

7″ BY 7″

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