we have no solution

we have no solution


Maurice Strong, Chairman of Petro Canada, has written:

“Man’s very skills, the very technical success with which he overspreads the earth, makes him the most dangerous of all creatures. One critical aspect of man’s use of planetary resources is the way in which he is burning up more and more of the world’s energy.

We can no longer afford to plan on the basis of past and current trends in consumption. If we assume that a decent standard of life for the world’s peoples inevitably requires increasing per capita use of energy, we shall be planning for an energy starved world, or an ecological disaster, or both. Rather than searching endlessly for new energy sources, we must contribute to its wiser use.

At present, we are far from this ideal. We have recklessly assumed that no matter how wasteful our lifestyle, we shall somehow find the energy to support it.

In the last 15 years, world use of energy has doubled. North America now uses about five times as much energy as is consumed in the whole of Asia, and per capita consumption is about 24 times higher. The United States each year wastes more fossil fuel than is used by two-thirds of the world’s population. “

Edmonton Journal, September 22, 1976


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