the emptiness of guilt

the emptiness guilt

introduced to me by a mentor of mine- the statement being that of a graffiti lined wall outskirting Melbourne.

when asked to elaborate, he said:

The Emptiness of Guilt Recaptures Serenity means, to me, that if one allows oneself to feel guilt, it would behove oneself to conceive that guilt serves no purpose other than to diminish self worth. It does not change what one has done as the basis for imposing and wearing the emotion of guilt.  Only action toward being a better human being can make up for hurting another, or others, the recognition of this imposition being the basis for the assumption that it is necessary to wear the emotion of guilt.  So, in a conscious, intellectual sense, understanding that guilt is empty in serving no constructive or meaningful purpose allows for seeing it as what it fundamentally is, empty.  And thus intellectual understanding can then allow for casting away this unhealthful emotion, and then, the possibility of recapturing serenity.

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